Gall Bladder Surgery

What is a Gall Bladder?

The Gall Bladder is located in the central upper abdominal area. It stores bile which is a secretion made by the liver before sending it to the small intestine to help digestion of fats in our diet. Problems can occur in the Gall Bladder bile combines with calcium salts and cholesterol. These 3 compounds can form stones in the gall bladder can cause inflammation, obstruction, pain and vomiting. This is known as Cholecystitis.

How is an inflamed Gall Bladder treated?

A surgical procedure called a Cholecystectomy is completed where the Gall Bladder is removed. This can be completed Laparoscopically or Robotically. The procedure can also be performed via single site Robotic Surgery, through a solitary small incision at the umbilicus, with the aim of quicker recovery and return to all normal activities.

During this operation an X-ray referred to as a cholangiogram is also usually performed. This allows us to view the bile duct (a tube connecting the liver, GB and small intestine) clearly and detect the presence of any stones within it.

There are usually no significant long-term issues after having your gall bladder removed.

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